this program was developed in the Java 1.1 language. Java rules!!! anyway, i really just wanted to tell you the neat stuff about it. you can use it on your own site, with any dictionary you choose, without having to change the source code. to accomplish this, you must create a dictionary file in plain text format, just the way mine is. the dictionary is case insensitive, so it does not matter if the words are uppercase or lowercase. however, the last entry must begin with a z (i am currently working on this bug), that is why you see the entry "zzzzz" at the end of my dictionary file. i made mine on a spreadsheet, with the entries in the first column and the definitions in the second. i alphabetized the entries in the spreadsheet (this MUST be done in order for the binary search to work!!!), and saved it as SPACE-DELIMITED (also important) text. tab delimited will NOT work. if you want to use the program on your own site, you need the Nadsat.class, NadsatListener.class, and Dictionary.class files. in the <APPLET> tag, the code is "Nadsat.class". you must have three <PARAM> tags, one with the name "title" and specifying the title you want to be at the top of the applet, one with the name "entries" and a value specifying the number of entries (this can easily be found in the spreadsheet) and one named "filename" and having a value specifying the FULL path (URL) of the file. if you do like this and plan to use it on your own site, please include a link to and >email me so i can keep you informed of updates and modifications of the program. also, to request the source code (yes, i am selfish...) please email me. thank you.

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